Interruption Free Administration

SmartPlant® Enabled

Perform SmartPlant® Instrumentation administration tasks without interruption by easily applying access control restrictions and disconnections.

Beaconsuite™ Access Control provides the ability to easily manage system and user access to active databases, virtually removing the possibility of data loss due to concurrent administrator activities and end user data manipulation.

The reporting and monitoring abilities of Access Control also provide valuable insight into user access and duration patterns within your SmartPlant®Instrumentation database.

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  • Save time and money by preventing excessive change orders due to database outages
  • Exclusive access to the database by preventing unwanted concurrent connections
  • Accurate monitoring and reporting of user and application access and duration
  • Increased security through observation of unauthorized user and software connections
  • Optimize licensing costs by identifying and removing unnecessary users from licensing


  • Display active user and application connection durations
  • Disconnect active sessions (globally or by user)
  • Prevent new user connections
  • Identify and clear locked records
  • Available as a “view only” application