Quickly Assess SPI Standards Across Multiple SPI Domains

Beaconsuite™ Standards Manager assists companies in their drive to provide a consistent SmartPlant® Instrumentation (SPI) user experience across the company(across multiple domains/databases); simplifying the way users generate and deliver SPI deli.

It is now possible to have projects work with an offline copy of your corporate standard and feel confident that you can monitor the project changes to the standard; just request a periodic copy of the database and run Standards Manager to identify all changes.

Beaconsuite™ Standards Manager reduces the need for high end expertize, saves time and makes it simple to assess the alignment of SPI standards.

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  • Quickly (within a few minutes) assesses the alignment of standards across two different databases; without this application, it would take dozens of hours to do the same assessment
  • Excellent application to be used to determine if how much work would be required in order to merge (blend) different SPI databases
  • Non-conformances between the two databases can be reviewed and approved (if required)
  • Assess high priority standards separate from low priority standards


  • Dashboard includes pie charts and a bar chart that quickly summarizes the current standards alignment status
  • Click on a bar within the bar chart to see the records that make up the counts
  • Export the dashboard graphs and results to MS Excel
  • Approve and unapproved non-conformances per domain
  • Easy to use MS Excel like results grid, which enables easy filtering and grouping of results