Search & replace database data.

Find What You Are Looking for and Update It!

Beaconsuite™ Smart DBsearch is a powerful application that saves companies hundreds of hours when searching and updating information buried deep within complex relational databases.

Use Smart DBsearch to:

  • drive data consistency
  • re-tag tags and other unique identifiers post data replication e.g. update all references of 8010 with 8011
  • track user activity; this can be realized permitting the user name is captured on records when making changes
  • identify key fields that need to be included in queries

Beaconsuite™ Smart DBsearch saves projects time, costs, reduce monotonous work and produces higher quality deliverables.

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  • Save hundreds of hours. Search for and update data quickly within the most complex relational databases e.g. Search for ‘deg C’ and replace with ‘°C’
  • Searches for data with precision. Users can apply advanced filter constraints to bring back only the most relevant data
  • Build quality advanced queries by identifying data patterns e.g. what records, fields, tables contain key information
  • Intuitive easy to use preview interface enables users to safely and quickly make decisions around what data should be updated


  • Flexibility to search and replace data in specific tables and fields or all tables and fields
  • Designed to import settings from an MS Excel file for mass data searches and updates
  • Advanced filter settings can be applied on per field basis. All settings can be saved out for future use
  • SPI users can filter searches on Project, Plant, Area, Units, and SPI modules e.g. Wiring tables
  • All located findings and suggested updates highlighted in a preview interface making it easy to make quick decisions