SmartPlant® Enabled. Merging SPI Projects? Reduce mistakes & corruption.

Intergraph® Endorsed

Identify critical changes and increase the quality and accuracy of the information available to field operations, removing risks that may impact projects and employee safety.

Beaconsuite™ Project will alert you if requested information is claimed to a different project, reducing the frequency of concurrent engineering. Report warnings to effectively manage, update, close out and merge projects into your SmartPlant® Instrumentation As-Built section. Monitoring and reporting capabilities quantify the complexity of pending project close outs, enabling accurate budgeting and timelines.

More importantly, understanding open and pending projects through Beaconsuite™ Project protects facility operations and employee safety by providing the most up to date information at the moment it is needed.

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  • Protect your data integrity by tracking high risk project changes
  • Improve on-site safety by reducing concurrent engineering
  • Ensure field employees have the latest information
  • Improve efficiency by identifying low risk projects that can easily be closed


  • Quickly and effectively report all Owner/Operator projects
  • Display number of active and inactive projects
  • Identify projects that share data and which assets are shared
  • Quantify project close out complexity, including claimed, deleted and renamed assets