Transfer your SPI Reference Library wiring standards from database to database.

Reference Library enables SPI Administrators to back up the existing Wiring Module Reference Library in its entirety (including the configurations). The Reference Library can be ported between different databases, enabling each database to have alignment when required. Use this application as a method to back up and restore your SPI reference library.

Library comes with a user interface that enables you to view the source reference library, and the target library. Based on your selections the interface will inform you if the wiring typical/configuration will be inserted as a new item or the interface will provide you a warning if a duplicate COPY is about to be created.

CooleyCore is able to offer the vendor library catalogues for MTL, MTL-Relcom, and Beka Foundation Fieldbus wiring products. The free download link below will redirect you to the vendor website.

Key benefits: Provides the ability to back up the Reference Library for restoring when needed. Also, enables multiple databases to share a seed Reference Library in a very efficient manner.

Download product sheet


  • Promotes consistent representation of wiring entities across multiple databases e.g. Cables, Panels, Panel Strips, DCS & PLC Cards
  • Saves projects hundreds of hours as the setup time is reduced significantly
  • Assists with change management by visually reporting differences between two SPI database Reference Libraries
  • Easy to use, no advanced skill sets required, no knowledge of SQL writing or SPI importing required


  • Copies Reference Library wiring entities including configurations between SPI databases
  • Displays two SPI database Reference Libraries side by side making it easy to see differences
  • Easy to use interface enables global or customized Reference Library selections (for copying into target database)
  • Preview all proposed Reference Library alignments prior to executing the copy into the target database
  • Align Reference Libraries across SPI versions