Know what your projects are doing. Dashboards make it simple to understand.

Insight is geared towards those that want reports that speak to management with graphs, and to the technical designers with specific details.

The reports enable managers to determine the status of the Project at glance, and designers are able to reap the benefit of the findings derived from many different queries all on one report organized per item e.g. Tag.

Insight is able to interrogate current state, identify changed data, and compare differences between SPI versus Excel data.

Insight is made up of multiple sub modules. Each sub module is tailored to a specific role within your company e.g. automation, document management, project manager.

Key benefits: Owner Operators, Project Managers, and Designers each benefit from the in-depth analysis. Projects gain visibility into problem areas, and Project Managers are able to adapt and assign the appropriate resources and budget to address the issues.

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  • Determines Instrumentation & Controls project status based on real statistics
  • Identifies, and quantifies project changes impacting deliverables
  • Easy to understand dashboard reporting
  • Enables designers to take quick action to address all issues
  • Empowers Project Managers and Leads to adjust manpower loading, and budgets in step with deliverable progress
  • Information Managers can leverage the reporting to track project progress


  • Dozens of different engineering audit reports comprised of hundreds of queries
  • Compiles the analysis of multiple queries into powerful, meaningful reports
  • Easy to use interface empowers all stakeholders to do their own audits
  • Audit reports encompass easy to read graphs, technical summaries, and detailed data findings