Save 1000’s of engineering hours. Leverage advanced cloning technology.

Proven and Effective SPI Cloning

Replicate SmartPlant® Instrumentation facility design data, reducing costs, shortening timelines and increasing capacity to engineer more facilities.

Beaconsuite™ Hierarchy enables modular design elements to exist as a standard template for assembly into a custom facility design, significantly reducing costs and leading to faster facility activations. As an extension to Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Instrumentation software, Beaconsuite™ Hierarchy improves accuracy, quality and safety standards via data cloning.

Most importantly, Engineering firms and Owner Operator companies are able to deliver a superior end product while remaining competitive in an ever tightening market, with lower costs and shorter timelines.

Technical Specs

  • Desktop deployment and installation via electronic download
  • Oracle of Microsoft SQL Server Databases
  • Oracle Client (with Oracle Databases only)
  • .Net Framework 4.5 or higher
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • SmartPlant® Instrumentation version 2009, 2013

Included in your download, you receive:

  • Installation manual, including system requirements
  • Installation media
  • One year license key
  • User manuals
Download product sheet


  • Deliver completed units in a fraction of the time and realize a remarkable return on investment
  • Faster activation of a facility to production
  • Simplify engineering design and standardize modular units
  • Reduce procurement costs by sharing panels and cabling between units
  • Deliver consistent design
  • Improve SPI data integrity by identifying and addressing common issues that impact successful replications
  • Easy to use software, that does not require previous cloning experience


  • Simplified cloning of complex data using the Wizard interface
  • Preview the clone prior to executing replication
  • Split existing facilities in modules for future replication
  • Clone all data or only the data you want
  • Clone multiple different modules (templated data) into one unit
  • Clone wiring shared among multiple units
  • Realize a quality unit clone where all source unit references are updated in the target (e.g. equipment, drawing names, UDFs)
  • Correct inaccurate unit data assignments (e.g. panels, strips, drawings)