Navigate relational databases like an expert.

Dbsmartz is powerful module that adds value to even the most experienced Administrator. This module is made up of seven sub modules. The seven modules include:

Database Viewer – backend view only access to the database tables and associated data. Provides easy to use grids to display, filter and sort data. Also provides an interface where you can write and execute scripts.

Data Finder (view only) – you are able to specify a search value, and Data Finder will scan across the entire database or a specific set of tables, or specific table field names as defined by you.

Search and Replace (R/W) – search for data across all tables at once or selected tables, and or fields, preview the findings, and replace and if required replace the values. The replacing process is capable of replacing entire strings or just a substring.
**This sub module can be excluded, if concerned about the writing capabilities.

Field Finder – scans the entire database to identify all tables that have the field name that you are looking for e.g. cmpnt_id.

Link Finder – determines how ID’s in one table\column relate to other tables\columns throughout the database. Select a source table and column, search for the ID values in that column across all other tables or selected tables. Reports back all tables that have matching ID values.

SQL Translator – Translates Oracle SQL Server language to MSS SQL language.

Trigger Management – Communicates the status of all triggers in the database, empowers the user to disable or enable all triggers.

Schema Viewer – describes all of the tables in detail and displays the information in an easy to use grid.

Key benefits: Navigate the backend of the database like an expert. Enables you to get your work done more efficiently.

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  • Assists with troubleshooting issues and mass manipulation / fixing of data
  • Saves significant time navigating through the database
  • Enables users to write SQL syntax in Oracle language and have it converted quickly to ANSI compliant syntax so that it will work with either Oracle or MS SQL server databases
  • Identifies triggers that are disabled and empowers Administrators to enable the triggers
  • Quickly locates all tables that contain specific fields e.g. UNIT_ID. Displays the properties of each field in each table


  • Displays all tables in an easy to use MS Excel like grid and functionality. Execute custom queries, and hide empty tables
  • Powerful search engine locates data no matter where it is stored in the database. Scan a table, scan a field, scan all tables, scan all fields
  • Determines relationships between tables
  • Translates Oracle SQL syntax to ANSI compliant SQL
  • Displays the status of each trigger in the database
  • Empowers the user to disable or enable triggers
  • Displays the descriptions / properties of all database tables