Compare databases. Identify corrupted data quickly.

Dataresq is an extremely valuable module that assists administrators when troubleshooting a database.

Use Dataresq to compare a troublesome production database to a copy of a good database. The comparison will identify:

  • Count differences per table
  • Record difference per table
  • Data differences per record
  • Table and table structure differences between each database

Having this information enables you to understand where the data corruption took place and what data was impacted. This information can also be invaluable when assessing the impact of upgrading from one version of an application to another version.

When data corruption or a loss of data takes place having the ability to understand the impact quickly is key to avoiding project impacts such as trends, change orders, and schedule delays.

Key benefits: Quickly identifies unwanted data corruption or loss. Reduces the risk of project trends, change orders, and schedule delays.

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  • Saves time and money by preventing change orders due to excessive time spent troubleshooting database issues
  • Surfaces key information assisting with database upgrade assessments, and upgrade Quality Assurance checking
  • Accelerates the advancement of application expert knowledge by informing personnel of what is really going on in the database when changes are executed via an application frontend or by programming


  • Identifies table row count differences, row differences, and data differences on each row
  • Identifies table structural differences
  • User configured synonyms enables only relevant differences to be reported
  • Findings are easily exported to CSV files
  • Compares two databases; compares combinations of Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Excel
  • Able to create a database snapshots for future comparisons