Book Tags, and revisions. Report adherence with real time integration.

Data Control is fully integrated with SPI; empowering users to have a complete understanding of used names, and reserved names in real time. The tight integration between Beacon and SPI also facilitates real time knowledge of each deliverable and the associated revision sequence that is in use across all projects. Projects can safely book names e.g. loop names and revision sequences without concern of a future clash with another project.

Forecasted project milestones are tracked inside of this module; enabling Administrators to follow up with projects at the appropriate time to ensure the reserved names, and revision sequences have been either used or released.

Data Control actively monitors and reports all nonconforming names, and revisions. Enabling users to take corrective action promptly reducing the impact on the project.

Key benefits: risk reduction of project cost overruns, and schedule delays during engineering and construction associated with nonconforming, duplicate, inefficient use of tags, and revisions.

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  • Quick turnaround on tag and revision requests
  • Effective solution to tag and revision management
  • Simple to use, no need for high-end expertise
  • Stable, good performance, proven solution
  • Avoid change orders due to projects clashing over tags and/or revision sequences
  • Keeps you informed of tag and revision management non-conformances and project completion milestone timelines (schedule)


  • Reserve loop names, approve loop names, tag names and panel names
  • Significantly reduce manual, time-consuming work
  • Real-time integration with SPI and SPI’s projects
  • Audit adherence to naming standards
  • Reserve names in bulk
  • Search for tagging gaps (specify the size of gap required)
  • Passively monitor (police) Projects; provides the ability to approve non-conformances