Hitachi Ltd

Hitachi Ltd. acquired the contract for a new refinery for Saudi Aramco. The refinery is engineered, procured and constructed by over 10 EPC’s, but Hitachi is the main contractor, responsible for all Utilities and responsible for the hosting and administration of SmartPlant Instrumentation, P&ID and Electrical for all EPC’s.

Hitachi contacted IntelliData for the hosting and administration part. We were able to respond within a very short time and deliver a complete hosting environent for SPI and a workshare environment for SPPID. SPEL was scheduled to be implemented later.

IntelliData tasks

  • Hosting of the SPI environment for more than 200 named users
  • Hosting of the main SPPID environment
  • Administration tasks

Handling requests from all EPC’s
Protecting the Aramco standard
Creation of special reporting
Creating and maintaining all SPPID symbols and data dictionary
Engineering support